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PollinationX; on a mission to enable permissionless access and act as an intermediary between decentralized storage users and decentralized storage networks.


In contrast to traditional centralized storage servers operated by a single organization, decentralized storage systems data is kept across geographically distributed nodes connected via peer-to-peer (P2P) networking. In most cases blockchain networks are used to maintain decentralized storage state, security and to prevent single-points of failure.
There is also the matter of who holds the encryption keys of your data. In the curent Web2 cloud-based centralizem storage systems, the storage platform usually holds the encryption keys, which raises potential concerns for accessibility, transparency, and control of users data. This is not the case with decentralized storage, where only the user holds and manages private data access keys.

PollinationX (PX)

On one hand the PX offers a suite of back-end services that enable developers to connect to custom decentralized storage nodes via dedicated service APIs, NPM & SDK while utilising the read-and-write methods of supported decentralized storage out-of-the-box. On the other hand it enables end-users to utilize decentralized storage in the form of PollinationX Storage NFTs (i.e. PX sNFT).
Meaning: The name PollinationX derives from the process of pollination that occurs in nature. The same as plant spores are distributed from one flower to another, your files are split into smaller pieces, encrypted and dispersed between various PollinationX nodes, while data reunification is possible only with the user's private key.
Build based on decentralized principles;
(1) 100% self-custodial; (2) open-source & open-source with commercial restrictions; (3) users data is accessible only to the private key owner; (4) no personal data whatsoever is collected by the protocol; (5) code is law principle applies!
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