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PollinationX (PX); Decentralized Storage Infrastructure and Service Layer


To bridge the gap between decentralized storage networks and end users enabling ease of access while democratizing access to secure and private storage solutions empowering a new era of data sovereignty and security.


Digital data has transformed into an invaluable asset. Traditional custodial cloud storage models present significant challenges regarding data ownership and security. The up-and-coming decentralized storage networks could be presented as a solution as their self-custodial decentralized design abstracts the possibilities of data mining and data ownership loss putting the data owner in control. Amidst this landscape, PX emerges as a beacon of innovation, bridging the gap between the theoretical promise of decentralized storage and its practical application, adding infrastructure and service layer dedicated to the ease of access.

PollinationX (PX)

On the one hand, the PX offers a suite of back-end services that enable developers to connect to custom decentralized storage nodes via dedicated service APIs, NPM & SDK while utilising the read-and-write methods of supported decentralized storage out-of-the-box. On the other hand, it enables end-users to utilize decentralized storage in the form of PollinationX Storage NFTs (i.e. PX sNFT).

Meaning: The name PollinationX derives from the pollination process in nature. The same as plant spores are distributed from one flower to another, your files are split into smaller pieces, encrypted and dispersed between various PollinationX nodes. At the same time, data reunification is possible only with the user's private key.

Build based on decentralized principles;

(1) 100% self-custodial; (2) open-source & open-source with commercial restrictions; (3) users data is accessible only to the private key owner; (4) no personal data whatsoever is collected or can be accessed by the PX service; (5) code is law principle applies!

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