This API endpoint allows you to add a file to the decentralized storage.

Good to know: Upload API automatically checks the NFT holder storage quota.

If using API for uploading, files are not encrypted. Do not store any private or sensitive information in an unencrypted way. If you want encryption out of the box consider using our PollinationX SDK.

Upload file

Upload file

POST /api/v1/add

API endpoint and JWT token is available in Authenticate user api response.




Bearer <jwt token>

he authentication token required to access the API.

Request Body




The file to be added to the system

	"Name": "The name of the uploaded file",
	"Hash": "The Content Identifier (CID) of the file on the decentralized storage. It uniquely identifies the file and can be used to retrieve or reference it.",
	"Size": "The size of the uploaded file in bytes"

The provided CID ("Hash") in api response can be used to interact with the decentralized storage system to retrieve or manipulate the file as needed.

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